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6th Sep, 2007

To begin with this is just a random collection of various sim images, at the end it actually features the boys for a few of them.

But mostly.. it's just random shit.

onwards to the shitCollapse )

continued madness;

After the complete and utter stress of the exam fiasco this morning, I stomped home and, after a nap, stomped off halfway across town and attatched myself to my sims >_>

Inside are some really dumb, random images of my legacy family - and a few equally random shots from the asylum challenge I completed about a month ago. Hah.

There's also more Astile + Max.. sortof. Since Official A + M live in a different 'hood I couldn't face all the work their house needs, not to mention finishing the rest of the boys. And Kat.
Hah >_>
So it's Original Astile, who is... years old >_<

anyway..Collapse )


swear to god I will eventually finish disarm

Remember the drama the last time I left them alone to do their own thing?
Well, I decided to let them off the reign again - normally I tend to let my Sims shuffle about with their free-will firmly "on".. but with a guiding hand hovered over the mouse just incase they get any bright ideas and almost kill themselves.
Which happens.

[which means I'm always there going "Do not even think about fixing that computer." or "Hello, you were cooking, remember?" etc etc]

But yeah; I haven't played this house since the whole shit went down - mostly because stuff like an edumacation got in the way :]
So I was a little tentative at leaving them to their own devices - actually having to move the mouse completely away and only function with the keyboard camera controls - considering how fucking pissed off Maxwell was at basically the whole damn household..
..anyway >_>

There's no borders on some of these, because I was being harrassed whilst writing it. Deal with it, hah.

please don't attack each other..Collapse )
Just a random little character relationship analysis [not really, more an exploration] dsdjshjg wtfever.
A short piece on vengeance using my two baby's, Bede + Astile.
because i totally want to kick john's wing mirror in

revenge is a dish..Collapse )